Back Room Software -- Here is the first BETA release 6.1

The download buttons will be turned on at launch time!

Some Chat Client (Back Room) Features;

Streaming audio built right in, covers all the MWR and FNN Nets.

Direct connection to the MWR/FNN Web Chat program.

Direct connection to the Micro-Node Reflector Monitor.

Fehrenheit to Celsius / Celsius to Fehrenheit conversion calculator.

Private Chat for messages not intended for the public (like passwords and new account entries during net times).

Mutiple MySQL database tables and the latest MySQL Connector 6.5.4

Quick Callsign Lookups from database helps out New Net Control Operators with Names, Callsigns and Locations in a flash.

Your personal picture and some Bio information on yourself (Pic must have an internet URL example:

Customizable Color Settings of all forms, windows, buttons and fonts.

3 Tier Login account structure: Guest - Net Control - Administrator

There is no longer any need to wait to be invited into the Back Room!

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