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Net Manager
Remember: Pause Pause Pause... I was first licensed as a NOVICE (WN8ODF) in 1969 at the age
of 12. By 1970 I had passed my 15 wpm code test and theory to become a general class (WB8ODF).

I started Net Controlling on the "Maritime Mobile Service Net" in about 1972. It was great handling phone patches for maritime mobiles and deployed military personal. In 2009 I stumbled into the Friday Night International IRLP Open Fourm Net and became one of the Net Controllers. Around September of 2011 Ron (VA7MWR) asked If I would take over as Net Manager for both the FNN & Say Good Morning With Radio Net and here we are.

Fred K6WIZ
Tue & Thu
Dedicated to the promotion of "National & International Goodwill through the use of Amature Radio".

I am currently the ARES Net Manager and Recruiter in Hemet Calif. I was first licensed about 25 years ago as a Ham Radio Operator. I am a Net Controller for 6 nets weekly, the "Say Good Morning With Radio Net", "The Friday Night International IRLP Open Forum Net", 2 Trivia Nets and 2 Emergency Services practice Nets.

Call me anytime on my Node: 7157 175.710 PL 88.5

Hey Y'all, "Phonetics Please" Hello from Raleigh NC. My name is Bob and I used to have the following callsigns:

OE3RGC 1970-1980      KB0LH 1980-1995      KB3TJS 2009-2010      KB4RGC 2010- current

I used to design and build transmitting sites for shortwave broadcasting. I was Chief Engineer at WSHB (2x500kW)in the 90's then Project Director at WEWN (4x500kW) in Birmingam AL.

Give your call sign and only your call sign... This is Lynn, KC2ZJW from Absecon, NJ. Its a pleasure to be here as a Net Controller on the Say Good Morning with Radio Net.I am the new kid on the block, only having by license for 2 years now.

I love talking to all of you and hope to continue to do so for a long time to come!


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