Getting the files and setting them up
Login as user "repeater"
cd /home/irlp
tar -zxvf FILENAME.tgz
cd FILENAME.wb8odf.version.number
pico -or- nano README
Voice/CW ID - Custom Repeater / Simplex ID's & Announcements. Great for keeping your Repeater or Simplex Node legal plus you can now have up to two announcements per hour with version 6.1. Version 6.2 allows you to play your CW ID every 10 minutes durning the playing of the AR News Feed with my News Line Feed Program.. Get yourself Legal.

DTMF Menu - Custom Voice Menu Of All Your (users) DTMF Codes. I can never remember what DTMF tones our users can access so I wrote this script and made the DTMF to run it 000 (easy to rememeber).

Speak My IP - Have your node tell you what IP address you're on via DTMF. This is great for nodes that do not have static IP addresses and change often so when you need to SSH in, you don't have to go to the site to see the new IP address. The new version 2.0 allows you to ask for either the LOCAL IP (192. or 10.) or the PUBLIC IP addresses. I have also added the audio files needed.

Contrasting Courtesy Tones (beep1 local, beep2 IRLP). Know when your Repeater or Simplex Node is connected to another node via these contrasting tones. Your local users will know when calling for a buddy if they need to bring the node down to talk locally. Over 40 tones to choose from.

Play Your Announcements - Now you can play an announcement over your Node or Repeater any days of the week, between a starting hour and ending hour on the minute of each hour. You can also skip hours. Ex1: Play your announcement Mon, Wed & Fri between 1 AM and 8 PM every other hour. Ex2: Play only Sat & Sun every 4 hours. Ex3: Play 7 days a week, every hour at 20 minutes after. I wrote this program because it does alot of things you can't get in setting an announcement up in a cron job.

NO Time Limit - This program
allows you to have what we call a HOME BASE (a Refelector or Node) that you are always connected to, but allow your users to disconnect and go where ever they want. Knowing some users forget to return the node to it's HOME BASE in the amount of idle time you set in the program. notimelimit will then bring you back home.

IRLP Watch Dog - Monitoring Program
This is my NEW Node Monitoring Program. It will monitor just about anything you would like information on concerning your node. It uses either sSMTP or SENDMAIL to email you this information. It will tell you if your node is enabled/disabled, active/clear and if your node is active who you are connected to. It also monitors your nodes Linux Box, find out who is logged on your node, what your machines up time is, and watch your systems load average it tells you about the last 1, 5 and 15 minutes.

Emailing node reports are available in two forms. One email for all the reports and individual emails for each function scanned. You can combine the emails and/or select individual emails for a number functions while the rest can be included as a consolidated report. Your option.

There is a very nice PING feature that monitors your network for latency and if you are a multi node owner this feature can monitor the other node's network connection and email you if one of your nodes is down. Additionally there is an option to monitor your node's local and public IP addresses and will shut down the node if the connection is bad. Also included is an option to monitor your public IP and email you if this has changed. Combined with the node ping option these options will effectively manage the IRLP node's connection to the Internet. Of course it will also re-enable the node on the next scan if the connection to the net is re-aquired.

A re-designed email function was also added with this version. It will allow you to send individual emails for each test report or one consolodated email containing all the reports. The nice thing here is that you can select which reports to send individually while sending all the other reports in the cosolodated report email, or any combination of reports/emails.

This program covers both IRLP & EchoIRLP systems. NOTICE: sSMTP needs to be installed and configured. (it's very easy) Here is the README

OpenVPN Reset - Wrote this script for Kevin (VE6KEZ) because his node kept losing network connection using IRLP OpenVPN (which is NOT to say this is an IRLP OpenVPN problem). This script PINGs an OpenVPN IP address and if 3 PING's fail, it runs "service openvpn restart" to reconnect automatically.

Weather Announce - Local Weather Streaming Audio (or ANY MP3 feed). Stream any mp3 feed via DTMF - mpg321 is required and you can stop the feed as long as PTTLOCKOUT (Repeaters only) is off.

Speak Reflector - Voice Menu Of Reflector/Node Names & Numbers Great for your local users who can't remember Reflector Numbers while mobile, I sure can't.

Net In Use - By Name or Number, tells you what Reflector or node you are connected to or it will tell you "Link Clear". Check your nodes status via DTMF. Only the Reflectors will use voice, nodes will always be by number.

AR News Line Feed / ARRL Audio News - This is an MP3 ARNewsline streaming feed software. You must have MPG321 installed. This will allow you to bypass the PTT Timer. I have borrowed and tweaked Rob's (KK7AV) PTT Timeout Override script to work with this. You can reset the PTT timmer in a couple different ways, via the IP Tables, ispeaker & sfswraper and my drop PTT method which has been added to allow you to also override your repeaters TOT. Now you can get yourself legal by ID-ing every 10 minutes while playing the News Feed with my VoiceID program. With version 12.0 you also get ARRL Audio News Feed.

Netopen - Opens Reflectors For Nets or Node to Node scheduled contacts automatically. This program will connect to any scheduled meeting be it a Net or a Weekly conversation you have with a friend. It will return you to whatever state you were in when it started. If you were connected to a Reflector it will return you to that reflector when finished. If your link was clear it will return you to that state at the time you set it to.

Fan Control - Control your cooling fan(s) through your IRLP node. This program turns your cooling fan(s) ON / OFF via the AUXON / AUXOFF programs. When COS or PTT goes high, your fans will turn on, after both COS & PTT go low your fan(s) will remain running for a controlled amount of time you set in the program. This program only handles the AUXON / AUXOFF on your 3.0 IRLP board, it does not go into the wiring of the fans.

Speakdate Archive - FC3 & CENTOS
and now an install package for Debian

This program will allow your users to get todays date via a simple DTMF tone. The files are around here somewhere, as soon as I find them I'll get them up on the server. (speakdate.tgz)

File Fix When you edit a file on your windows machine, it adds a carriage return at the end of each line <^M>... This script will remove those and visa versa, if you need to make a IRLP file usable on a windows machine this script will do that too.

Listen ONLY to Reflectors and Nodes
This program was written to allow our repeater users to listen to reflectors but not talk to them. This will allow the repeater controllers to sleep better at night knowing "LIDs" can't get their node blocked. Another great feature is stopping QRM from coming across while your node is connected to a net, you can drop the listen only while you check in and turn it back on when you're done, then you'll be able to enjoy listening to the rest of the net knowing nothing local is bothering the net. It's a shame it wouldn't help on your local QRM. LOL

mpg321 Archive - FC3 & CentOS 4.9
Files Included:   (Install in this order)

Speaktime Archive - FC3 & CentOS
and now an install package for Debian
This is a cool copy of Speak Time! v3.1 back in Feb/21/2004 by KB5ELV. It offers 12 Hr - 24 Hr & UTC Times. The voices offered are American English = Male & Aussie English = Female. There are 2 files speaktime.rpm for FC3 and CentOS and speaktime.3.1.tgz for Debian as it doesn't like RPM.
(speaktime.rpm FC3/CentOS)
(speaktime.3.1.tgz Debian)

Some programs from my new scripting friends

VE3EV - IRLP Watch Puppy
A program that monitors selected IP addresses and will email you any dead connections. This program will also allow you to check the status of your "Public IP" and will email you if the address changes. This is a standalone program and not connected to any other system. Requires SSMTP or SENDMAIL be installed to enable the email function. Similar to watchdog.wb8odf which supports monitoring of the IRLP nodes.

N8AYE - DTMF FAVORITES (Nodes & Reflectors)
Sometimes we all forget what IRLP or Echolink node number had the Net you were looking for and Yes most likely you have them on a printed sheet but sometimes you might be out with your HT and wanted a quick audible reminder! Now you can have it.
Phillip N8AYE IRLP 3538 & 4284


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